What is Madness In The Mountains (MITM)?


MITM is a statewide fundraiser and skateboard challenge happening all across Montana beginning on June 21, 2024 and running through August 18, 2024. It is a project created by the Montana Skatepark Association (MSA), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization who has been funding and building free, concrete, public skateparks in Montana for over 20 years. To date, the MSA has contributed over $2 million dollars to skateboarding in Montana.


MITM is made up of two main components: A (friendly) competitive fundraiser and a (friendly) competitive skate challenge. Participants may engage in one or the other portion, but participation in both is highly encouraged. 


Who is Madness in the Mountains for?


Participation in MITM is open to anyone and everyone who would like to get involved and help support skateboarding in the Treasure State. Since all funds raised will benefit the work of the MSA, the primary beneficiaries will be the skateboard community throughout our state, or those who choose to visit Montana to skate our parks.


For the fundraising component of MITM, anyone with an internet connection and a desire to support us can get involved by making a financial donation to an individual skater or to the event itself. All funds raised are tax-deductible (Montana Skatepark Tax ID#: 82-0583110).


For the skate challenge component of MITM, since many of the challenges that participants are asked to complete are location based, being somewhere in Montana, or having the ability to travel to Montana, will be necessary.


When does the Madness happen?


Madness in the Mountains will kick off on June 21, 2024 and run through August 18, 2024. After the contest has ended, lightning will strike and we will have a grand celebration somewhere. Details will be announced via MSA's social channels.



The Fundraiser Challenge

One half of MITM is comprised of a fundraiser that happens exclusively online at this site you are currently looking at: (madnessinthemountains.org).


For this portion of the event, the goal is for individuals to raise as much money as they can by engaging their families, friends, neighbors, businesses and communities to solicit donations. If you (or your kiddo!) has ever had to sell popcorn for the Boy Scouts or chocolate bars for their marching band, this is the same kind of idea. The fundraising frenzy will begin on June 21, 2024 and end on August 18, 2024. Under the "Start Fundraising" section below, click "Register/Login" to set up your profile and establish your personal fundraising page on our site. This is where all donations to your page will need to be made.

Start Fundraising


Register for an account (or login if you are already registered), and help us raise funds for, and awareness about the MSA and our mission of building free, concrete, public skateparks in Montana by asking families, friends, neighbors, businesses and communities to donate.



Win Cash Prizes


For the top three fundraisers and skate challenge winners, cash prizes will be distributed in the amounts of:


1st Place = $1000 *

2nd Place = $750

3rd Place = $500


* First place winners in both challenges will receive a custom trophy designed by artist Dylan Goldberger.

Skate Challenge


The other half of MITM is a skate challenge that will have skaters across our state accomplishing a wide variety of tasks in order to earn points. The participants that earn the most points throughout the contest will receive prize packages full of insanely cool MITM gear including branded decks, hats, shirts, wheels, patches, stickers, and most important ...bragging rights.


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